Rise of the Runelords (Rhina)

stuff so far..
gata catch up!

you slept with allot of chicks.

So far the party killed some goblins then some more. When the goblins were dead you all became heros. Shane’s character got seduced and rob( Arthion ) slept with the elf informant Shalelu Andosana aka(chikypoo). The party then proceeded to spend money, sleep around, and oh ya; kill the goblin captain and the evil daemon chick that was controlling them. you guys did well and are looked up to by the populace of Sandpoint (the city).

stuff you got (other)

not only did you guys earn the respect of the town but you guys got some cool stuff and some info, so you don’t forget here it is:
1.sihedron medallion; this medallion hangs on a leather cord, with a silver disk with a seven-pointed star on it’s face. the medallion gives off faint necromancy. the medallion gives a +1 resistance bonus to saving throws. it can once a day bestow the effects of false life on the wearer(free action) and if place on a dead body can preserves it indefinitely with a gentle repose effect. (it is currently on the crab i think)
2. you guys learned that having “Ancient Thassilonian” is a good thing (because everything is written in it apparently)
3. you learned that some thassilon runes remain and have some scary crap (like the quazit) in them.
4. you learned that the sihedron rune (the seven pointed star) is important and represents the seven deadly sins; envy, sloth, lust, wrath, pride, gluttony and greed

skinsaw murders! yay death!

you guys were approached by sheriff hemlock to help figure out what’s going on with the recent murders. so far you have done most of your investigating and have been lead to believe it all has something to do with the foxglove family.
foxglove sound familiar? it should. if you remember the noble you saved back in the goblin attack his name was Aldern Foxglove. he was totally into Adam’s character (and his strong might that had saved him) and took you-guys out for a nice hunt. once you figured that it had something to do with him you headed out for his manor. before you went tho you gathered info on the place and leaned allot (so much it takes up a page in the book and I’m not typing that all out k?). however when you arrived you figured out there was something you didn’t know before. the place is F*** haunted to hell!
you guys face strange things like a scarf that choked adam, rob dancing with a ghost lady that kept getting older more dead looking as he went and alex the ninja going crazy thinking he’s Natalie’s mom and dragging her out to save her from her dad.
all in all you guys are doing ok and have a giant crab with a couch taped to it and soon (i think) a mahogany table to.


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