Hook Mountain Region

Hook Mountain Region
The area south of Hook Mountain is dominated by thick forests,
lakes, and the swamps known as the Shimmerglens. While “The
Hook Mountain Massacre” focuses on a few specific
locations in this region, curious PCs could
easily find more adventure here if they look.
Additional locations not mentioned here (such as Ashwood or Sanos
Forest) are covered in the Varisia gazetteer that begins on page 60.

Bitter Hollow
Bitter Hollow is a filthy, remote thorp of about
50 hunters and trappers and their families. A single trading post
called the Gator’s Nest sits in the center of this settlement, and
regular trade with the gnomes of the nearby Sanos Forest means
that there are often unexpected items to purchase here.

Claybottom Lake
The fishing in Claybottom Lake is always
good, but fishermen are quick to warn newcomers about the
nightbelly boas, ravenous giant gars, and deadly giant snapping
turtles that infest the lake’s western reaches.

Named for the ogres of Hook Mountain,
although those who dwell in this woodland are mostly the halfhuman
results of ogre lusts. The ogrekin that dwell here bicker
among themselves, and rarely cause problems to outsiders.
Anyone who ventures too far into these woods is fair game for
dinner (or worse), though, so local villagers and hunters avoid
this region entirely.

Lake Coal
The waters of Lake Coal are dark with silt and
black algae. Fishing is poor in Lake Coal—not for the lack of fish,
but for the ferocity of the large dark gars that dwell therein.
Old Sanos Trail: This narrow, claustrophobic forest trail
winds deep into Sanos Forest, eventually connecting to several
secluded gnome villages deep in the woods. Rumor holds that
magic causes the trails to move when those who use them seek
to bring trouble to the gnomes.

This tiny fishing thorp is perched on a rocky
promontory overlooking the southern shores of Claybottom
Lake. With its single combination inn/trading post, the Walleyed
Wife, Pendaka’s only claim to fame is local baker Olam Keecher’s
delicious cranberry turtle egg pies.

The Wicker Walk
Built by the founders of Bitter Hollow in a
successful attempt to encourage trade with the gnomes of Sanos
Forest, the Wicker Walk is a local marvel. The three-mile-long
boardwalk is hung regularly with long-burning pitch lanterns,
and its often-creaking boards offer the only completely dry path
across the Shimmerglens.

Hook Mountain Region

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