Aldern Foxglove

medium brown hair and a stern chin, this man shows he is of lesser royalty with his dress and attitude.


aldern is a minor thing most off his important stuff is coverd before.

He is currently the master of the Foxglove manor and estate, a family with an interesting history in the town of Sandpoint, and one

Those who have the pleasure of conversing with Aldern typically find him charming, well-read and were often entertained by his seemingly endless cache of stories about the high life in Magnimar.

The party rescued Aldern from a goblin commando during the raid on Sandpoint – and in return he took the party boar-hunting and even bought a steed for each member. At the end of the trip, they enjoyed the boar fest together – and continued to pique the interest of the Sandpointian noble, who has seem to taken an interest in the party.

He also seems to have a genuine desire to perhaps take up the adventuring life himself, inspired by what he views as the heroism of Adam’s character.


Aldern Foxglove

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